Rekeying Service

You can have your new key without changing the locks installed on your door. Lock Rekeying will reject your old key from opening your locks because the cylinder was modified like a newer one. With rekeying or keys replacement, then you may save some penny. This is because you won't have to have brand new locks installed. Locks that are reset or rekeyed will need to work with new cut of keys. Other parts of the lock are not replaced such as the knobs, deadbolts and hardware.

Rekeying is a great way to discourage possible break-ins while saving you money. Why it is a good idea to avail a rekey service? Here are some of the reasons:

  • Lost keys.
  • It lets you spend less than having to replace the locks.
  • To guarantee that nobody else has got the exact same key.
  • Conforms with local or state property codes.

Our locksmith company has a full locksmith services for anyone who presently suffers from lock/key problems. Our experts can work on door locks of any make or brand. We treat your emergency as our emergency as well. Our technicians will be on their way to perform the best rekeying service. When the task is properly done, then old keys shouldn't work. Hire our technicians to make you home or office more secure. We are a company you can trust 24/7.